The Meditative Principle I Use to Stomp Out Bitterness

When I first got really sick with Lyme disease, my heart sat soaking in a pool of bitterness for months. I was so consumed with my own grief and loss that I began to resent everyone around me. I didn’t want to, but every time I saw someone else doing something I used to love I cried tears of anger. If I looked through the window and saw a woman jogging outside on a nice sunny day, I literally had to turn my head away and close my eyes. If I didn’t turn away, a rage hot enough to burn down a city block would smolder inside me. I wanted to cry and scream because I seemed to have lost everything that made me “Emily.”

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3 Reasons to Catch a Sun-ray Every Day

Despite what we were told as kids, sunlight is not something we should be afraid of. Most American kids remember getting slathered head-to-toe with sunscreen at the pool because their mom was afraid they would get skin cancer if there was any section of skin left exposed. And there is some validity to this—tanning beds are a big no-no and and it’s true that you’re raising your risk for cancer if you get sunburned a lot. However, our culture seems to have become so afraid of getting skin cancer that we’ve denied ourselves the many health benefits that unfiltered sunlight has to offer.

As with anything we put in or on our bodies, sunlight should be used in moderation. It’s not healthy to lock yourself away in a dark room and it’s also not healthy to get burned to a crisp on a regular basis. But a little sunlight goes a long way!

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4 Gifts that Chronic Illness Gave Me

It’s no secret that being sick really sucks. Losing friends, not being able to work, and spending all your time at the doctor’s office sucks. But sometime you have to go through hell to become who are supposed to be.

Over the past year, I have discovered so many things that I  never could have learned in a classroom or on a job. Sometimes I feel as if I’ve already lived a whole lifetime and these other 20-somethings running around are just youngins who don’t know nothin’ yet. I’ve discovered that pain and suffering can teach you amazing things if you are willing to learn.

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How to get mental health care when you’re broke

*I use the term “therapist” and “counselor” interchangeably throughout this post. Remember that community resources may vary depending on where you live. This article is focused on finding resources for non-crisis mental health practitioners. It does not discuss emergency mental health or hospitalization. If you are at risk for harming yourself or others, call 911 or the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

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6 Reasons Everyone Needs Therapy

“A burden shared is a burden halved.”

 ~T.A. Webb

Why Should Everyone See a Therapist?

1. A therapist provides on objective voice

Every person in your life has a bias, for better or worse. If you ask your loving mother about your recently failed relationship, she’ll probably blow it off, saying that the girl who dumped you just couldn’t see how amazing you are. After all, according to your mother, there isn’t a single thing that you need to change in your life. You’re perfect just the way you are!

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How to Use Essential Oils: a guide for beginners

If you’re anything like I used to be, then you might think this whole “essential oil craze” is just another anti-pharma movement, peddled by hippies who only eat flax seed and think that deodorant is optional. But recently I’ve discovered the science behind how essential oils (EOs) actually work, and it’s pretty amazing. Prior to modern medicine, every culture in the world had to use natural resources for healing, and some of these home remedies did a pretty good job!

This post is a primer on how to use EOs for your health and how to pick the right EO for your needs. In a later post, I will discuss which oils I use on the regular and what I used them for. So, let’s dive in!

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5 Ways to Help Someone with Depression

The short: Roughly 1 in 6 Americans will experience depression in their life. Some of those people will experience a single bout of depression due to an event or circumstance. Some will have to endure several bouts throughout their life that come and go. And still others will have to battle depression for  years. This last group of people have a mental illness called Major Depressive Disorder, and they make up about 1.5% of the U.S. population.

Based on the statistics given in the paragraph above, it is very likely that you know someone who has in the past or is currently experiencing depression. Or, maybe you yourself are dealing with it. And while depression is a fairly common disorder, we still don’t hear about it much except possibly on TV commercials for Prozac or on popular blog posts that we’ve seen floating around the internet.

The big deal is: depression is not a rare disorder at all, but it makes you feel incredibly alone. That is why we need to help our loved ones who are dealing with it; depression is an incredibly hard burden to bear and the people living with it need help whether or not they are willing to admit it!

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