Am I lying on Social Media? (the truth about the life behind the photographs)

Ah, yes, social media…the most defining and polarizing invention of my generation. For better or worse, social media is a part of our daily (if not hourly) lives. Instagram, my personal favorite social media tool, is a home to cat memes, gym-spiration, and snapshots into the lives of loved ones.

Let’s take a look at a few of the pros and cons of social media from a Spoonie’s perspective, including the answer to your burning question…are Spoonies lying on Instagram?

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Insomnia Hacks Part 2

Let’s face it, humans have a hard time sleeping these days. This post is the sequel to my first article on sleep, “Why Can’t I Sleep? (Insomnia Hacks Part 1).” If you haven’t read it, I’d check that out first to get your primed and ready. It covers circadian rhythms, sleep schedules, blue light exposure, and environmental factors that contribute to insomnia. As a Spoonie, I struggle with both getting to sleep and staying asleep, but I’ve discovered some gems along the way that help me minimize my sleep struggles. Without further ado, here are a few more insomnia hacks…

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6 Mood Boosting and Life improving Essential Oils

Whether you’re feeling worried, burnt out, foggy headed, or on edge…there’s an oil for that! Got a migraine? There’s an oil for that! Are you stuffed up from allergies? Yep, there’s an essential oil that can help drain your sinuses. It might seem to good to be true, but it isn’t!

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5 Things Sick People are Sick of Hearing

Disclaimer: I tried my best to remain calm while writing this, but it might have gotten a little rant-y towards the end. Oops. Also, if anyone I know in real life is reading this and you’ve said one of these phrases to me, I promise I don’t hate you. Just take note and try to not do it again. Thank you to everyone who supports me in this journey.

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How do I eat Organic? (the dirty dozen vs. the clean fifteen)

What does “organic” actually mean?

Over the past decade or so, organic food and “clean living” have gained popularity among the health-conscious crowd. You see the words “all natural,” “organic,” and “100% fresh” on labels all over the grocery store, but do any of these labels actually carry any weight? Or are these phrases just some empty marketing scheme used to milk even more money out of consumers?

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How to Slay at your Next Doctor’s Appointment: 5 Tips for Success

Hey there, Spoonies. So, as full time sick-people, we spend a TON of time waiting around for doctor’s appointments and then being disappointed by a 10 minute ordeal that didn’t answer a single one of our questions.

Unless you’re seeing a very thorough specialist or a kindhearted naturopath who has set aside two hours for your appointment, then you usually only get 15 minutes of face-to-face time with your doctor. Yes, the system sucks, but there are some tips and tricks I’ve learned to help make my appointments more efficient.  So, here are some ways that you can get the most out of your next medical appointment:

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3 Ways to Love Your Body (even when it’s trying to kill you)

It’s really tempting to hate your own body when you’re chronically ill, especially when you have autoimmune diseases.  I mean, when you have autoimmune problems, you’re body isn’t even trying to ward off an outside invader…your body is literally attacking itself!

I had a very short stint with basketball in the 7th grade, and during one game, I accidentally scored a basket against my own team. I felt  great about myself until my teammates were all glaring at me and I had realized my mistake. That basketball game was a pretty accurate metaphor for autoimmune disease, except your body doesn’t usually have that “a-hah moment” where it realizes that it’s working against its own teammates. It just continues to screw you over, unaware that it’s trashing your body instead of trashing the enemy.

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